Yacht Engagement: Brittney + Nathan

On Saturday evening, I received a message from Brittney and two days later I met her and Nathan to discuss the details of their engagement, which was planed for the next day on a yacht. When you meet new clients it's always a bit stressful because you don't know what they will ask you and if you can realise their dream. 

When we met it was like meeting my old friends. Brittney explained me what she had in mind and what kind of photos she expected to see. She was looking forward to her engagement. It was easy to see how excited she was just by looking at her computer and the amount of images she had gathered, images with high fashion photos of couples. I am a kind of person who is excited to do something different and Brittney's and Nathan's idea was not only special but also very close to my photography style. 

The next day, we met on the yacht where I realised how much they love each other. Every moment, Nathan tries to keep his future wife happy. Τhe "bride to be", on the other hand, cares about every detail on Nathan's appearance so that he looks great. We took a lot of photos and tried to keep alive through the pictures every moment of their engagement. 

Brittney and Nathan I hope you are enjoying travelling the world and your life together. You deserve the best and I am very happy to call you clients...and my friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wish you love and hapiness. 


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